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WindGuard Insight - The Blog

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Welcome to WindGuard Insight!

WindGuard Insight is the name of Deutsche WindGuard’s new blog. It will provide an unique insight into our view on the wind energy market and new technological trends.

Gerhard Gerdes, Axel Albers, Dr. Knud Rehfeldt

In regular updates, WindGuard’s most experienced staff will share their broad view on market developments and technological trends with you. You will get an update on our newest research results and reports on innovations and new publications. We will invite authors from different parts of the WindGuard Universe to provide us with their insight into industry and market developments.

Experience from a Universe of more than 40 services

With our universe of over 40 services, we are not experts in one particular area of the wind industry. Our staff comes from a multitude of backgrounds and technical areas. They are constantly exchanging their ideas and knowledge and – true to our company culture of open and critical discourse – they challenge each other and rethink established concepts. This culture of thinking out of the box and keeping the bigger picture in mind, leads to new ideas and new solutions. These extraordinary synergistic effects between departments combined with our worldwide playing field provide us with a unique market sense.

We provide you with our unique perspective on the wind industry. We provide you with WindGuard Insight.

The topics in this blog will be as wide and varied as the ever-growing wind industry. They will range from comments on new technical developments over new ideas from our research departments to live-reports from the field and interviews with our most-experienced experts on current political affairs.

WindGuard has been established almost 20 years ago. Since then, a lot has change in the wind industry. But one thing always remains the same: We are still as convinces as ever that only renewable energies can deliver a secure, responsible, cost effective energy supply in the long run. Our goal is to ensure that 80-90% of the global energy demand will be met by renewables in the future. Towards this goal we have already com a long way and have successfully overcome many challenges. However, development still occurs at a rapid pace and it is an exciting task to come up with convincing solutions to the many new challenges, whether it is regarding research and development, pioneering wind farm projects around the world, and last but not least cooperating with authorities and political institutions. We invite you to accompany us on this journey towards establishing the energy of the future.

For the WindGuard group

Gerhard Gerdes, Axel Albers, Dr. Knud Rehfeldt

Cornelia von Zengen
Cornelia von Zengen

Cornelia von Zengen was Head of PR and Marketing at the WindGuard Group for many years. She loves writing and the fresh sea breeze on her face on the Frisian coast. As her professional journey has made her sail to new shores in the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to thank her once again for her contribution to the success of WindGuard Insight.


Leif Rehfeldt
Leif Rehfeldt

Leif Rehfeldt is Head of Business Development at the WindGuard group. He is very passionate about expanding WindGuard’s activities into new countries, which goes very well together with his interests in traveling and exploring new cultures.

Get in touch with Leif.

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